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Technical Project Management & More!

Technical Project Manager and President John Staedler can provide you with personalized solutions. Need something done you don’t see here? Chances are we can do it! offers a wide array of technology services. Below is a partial list of just some of the services we offer. Contact Us today to get started.

Web Services
Cloud Computing Setup, Backup & Services including: Google Docs, Dropbox, & more.
Internet browser configuration and customization including: Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari & more.
Internet Research

Tech Support
Duplicate File Cleanup
Smart Phone Support: iPhone, Droid & More
Screen shots & computer screen (video) recording
Reports and graphs showing what data you have, where it is & how much space it is taking up
Software and Hardware consultation
Spybot and Malware removal
Technical Business Consulting & Development

Administrative Services
Spreadsheet creation
PowerPoint Design
Technical & instructional, writing & documentation
Audio Transcription
Proofreading /​ Copy Editing
OCR: Turning scanned documents and images into editable computer text.
Text to Speech/​Mp3 Audio
Formatting: documents, reports, e-​​books & more
Data Conversion: Video, Audio, Image, Office, PDF & much more!
Building and organizing contact/​customer databases
Calendar Management

Translation Services
Text translation
Audio Translation
Translation Transcription
European Languages & The Americas: Spanish/​Espanol, French/​ Français, Portuguese/​Portuguesa, Italian/​Italiano, Romanian/​Română,
Asian Languages: Hindi/​ Devanagari/मानक हिन्दी, Mandarin/​ 官话, Japanese/​日本,  Filipino/​Tagalog
And more!

Employment/​Employee Services
Job placement
Staff Recruiting


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